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Adultfriendfinder Review

Special Features
  • Sex Academy
  • Live cams
  • Adult chat rooms
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Adultfriendfinder Review [2021]


  • A specialized adult casual dating and hookup site
  • The website is used by singles and couples from all age groups
  • Huge user base from all around the world, with a focus on the US
  • Multiple communication channels and fun special features
  • The very open-minded and supportive atmosphere for people of all sexual orientations
  • It’s necessary to look out for fake profiles

Sign-up Process

It doesn’t take very long to complete the registration process and receive a username and password for AdultFriendFinder. In order to sign up, the site requires you to provide a date of birth, gender, country of residence, and your primary interest regarding your preferred dating partners. However, it’s necessary to go through the e-mail verification process before your account becomes active, and you can access the content of the main site. Finally, once you completed all the steps, you will need to log in with your new password.


Understanding who uses AdultFriendFinder for dating?

This is a community where people come to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies, so you can find many different types of users. Statistically speaking, those between ages 25 and 45 are the most numerous, but younger and older people are frequently encountered. Couples love AdultFriendFinder, and you can meet a lot of individuals who are in open relationships. There are more single men than women on this site, so it’s more difficult for them to find hookups on short notice in their area. The site is most popular in the US, but other nationalities also maintain a steady presence on AdultFriendFinder.

Profiles Quality

As an adult dating website, AdultFriendFinder lets users openly indicate their sexual tastes and share explicit content on their profiles. This includes nude photos and videos, which are banned on some other dating sites. On the other hand, personal information is scarce in most cases, as members typically want to keep their real identities private. Only premium members can view the full contents of a user’s profile, which seriously hampers free users` ability to search for sex partners.

Basic Rules of Thumb for Contacting Members

There are plenty of different ways to interact with other people on AdultFriendFinder, from liking and commenting on photos and videos to sending private messages and chat requests. However, private communication is restricted to full members, so new users might want to explore chat rooms and vlogs available to anyone. Talking about sex is encouraged here, but some basic decency should still be maintained when you are contacting users you don’t personally know. If your advances are not reciprocated, you shouldn’t press on and should focus on another user instead.

Contacting Members

Special Features

As you might expect, special features at AdultFriendFinder all revolve around sex. For example, Sex Academy consists of instructional videos about meeting people online or performing certain sex acts. Live cams allow members to broadcast their video streams to the public, while adult chat rooms are dedicated to specific topics and serve for taboo-free discussion. It’s also possible to send virtual gifts or participate in photo/video contests organized by the site.

App for Apple and Android phone

Users can pick up a mobile app that can be accessed with the same username and password as your account on the main site. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store, so it can be used by virtually the entire customer base. It comes with a simplified design that works great on a touch-powered screen but still supports all multimedia features, including watching videos and live streams. Because of this, the AdultFriendFinder app is a valuable tool for casual dating that every user would be wise to install on his phone.

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‘My husband and I engage in group sex for years, and AdultFriendFinder allows us to connect with people who share the same type of freedom and love experimenting in a group.’

‘If you are looking for adult fun, this site is simply amazing. You might not always find a partner for a live encounter, but you can still have a blast just watching someone’s new photos.’

‘It’s true that guys have to work a little bit harder to find a hookup, but there is plenty of action for everyone at AdultFriendFinder if you are open to new things.’

Costs and Prices

To gain access to messages and the ability to look at detailed profiles, it’s necessary to upgrade to Gold membership.

The cost of membership is directly related to the duration of the agreement, so you can pay as little as $19.95 per month if you get a 6-month plan. The price for a single month is significantly higher at $39.95, and somewhat more reasonable at $26.95 monthly with a 3-month deal.

While this may be a little above the industry average when you consider how many great features you are getting back, you realize this is not a bad investment at all.

Summary of Key Benefits

There are not many dating sites where users can be completely relaxed regarding their sexual preferences and kinky desires. AdultFriendFinder is exactly that type of place, which is why it’s immensely popular with singles and couples from all age groups and social strata. Members are encouraged to share their sex stories and post explicit photos and videos, which are available for others to see and comment on. The site is dominated by men, both straight and gay, and some of the profiles might be filled with false information, but the majority of users are honest in their approach. Special features are well chosen for this type of dating site, and add to the community feel characteristic for AdultFriendFinder. All things considered, this is a niche platform ideal for those who search for casual sex encounters and don’t mind being open about their dirty desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a legitimate dating website?
Yes, AdultFriendFinder is one of the best-known casual dating sites in the world, and it operates legally for a long time.
What people use AdultFriendFinder for?
This website is primarily intended for casual sex encounters, but you can use it in any way you like, including just looking at sexy photos and chatting with people online.
Is it really possible to find people for sex at AdultFriendFinder?
Countless members find hookups at this site every day, so it’s definitely possible to have a great experience on AdultFriendFinder if you know what you are looking for and have decent looks.
How to check whether a profile is real or fake?
You need to pay attention to any inconsistencies in personal information and take a close look at the photos and videos before you can judge the authenticity of a profile.
What’s the best way to get in touch at AdultFriendFinder?
Sending messages is probably the most common way of contacting potential sex partners, but you can use a variety of other communication tools instead.


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