Alternatives to eHarmony

If you are looking to join a mature dating site and cannot decide whether to join or, let us help you out. We have reviewed these two sites in-depth, and we have reason to believe that Flirt is an excellent alternative to eHarmony. If you have money to spend and get value out of it, we suggest you go for Flirt.

Flirt Vs. eHarmony Comparison

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First off, Flirt is not a matchmaking site where you can expect to find your life partner. It’s for singles who believe life is all about having fun, and this is where they go to find it. eHarmony, on the other hand, is an out and out matchmaking site. It works intending to set you up with a prospective life partner.

Flirt Vs. eHarmony Overview

Our Flirt review finds the main features as below:

• It’s a dating site where singles looking for flirtations and casual dates
• Easy signup and clean, simple design
• Many attractive tools that help you flirt
• There is an affordable 3-day trial

Our eHarmony review finds the main features as below:

• It’s a dating site where singles looking for committed relationships
• There are millions of users from all over the world
• Paid members have better accessibility to others’ profiles
• They have a matching system based on compatibility


On, there is a 3-day trial for $0.99 per day, and the regular packages are monthly, 3-monthly, and 6-monthly at $24.49, $42.87, and $62.29, respectively. On the other hand, eHarmony costs $59.90 for 6 months, $35.90 for one year, and $25.90 for two years.

Users / Membership

Flirt is meant majorly for people aged 20-35 of diverse ethnicities who are just out to have some fun without any baggage. They are looking for casual flings and no-strings-attached sex. On eHarmony, the majority of members are after a long term relationship, even marriage. The average age is 25-34 years, and they are from all over the globe.

Ease of Use

On Flirt, signing up is a very simple process. You can activate your account through email. The design and navigability are quite user-friendly, and most people feel comfortable with using the site. Signing up on eHarmony takes much longer because you have to put in a lot of information before getting started. It has an uncluttered design, with more icons and less text.

eharmony_signupflirt sign up


Flirt is feature rich, and a lot of great features are available to free members, like viewing your matches, sending winks, and creating a Favorites List. On eHarmony, you can view the members that add you to their list of favorites and also those who viewed your profile. Unlimited messaging and anonymous browsing are added features.

Security and Support

Both Flirt and eHarmony have good security measures in place. However, Flirt is one up because it verifies its members’ email accounts while eHarmony does not do that. This results in better profile quality on Flirt in general, and there are fewer chances of there being fake profiles.

Who Should Use Them

If you are looking for fun and flirty encounters, Flirt is your perfect partner in crime. See who is online and near your location and start messaging them; you’ll end up with a hot date for this weekend in no time. On the other hand, eHarmony is for settled and stable people who want to share their lives with someone for the long term.

Expert Conclusion

erica mossFlirt has some clear advantages over eHarmony in many of its features and benefits. We tried both sites and preferred Flirt over eHarmony mainly because we found it more comfortable, affordable, and fun.

The Winner: Flirt Vs. eHarmony

When we compare Flirt and eHarmony, Flirt comes out as the winner with flying colors. It is a smart and efficient website with a vibrant community of users. It is geared towards being user friendly with an extremely attractive 3-day trial that convinces you to upgrade your membership.