Alternatives to EliteSingles

Personal choices vary. Naturally, choices of a dating site will also vary from single to single. However, when factors weigh in heavily in favor of anyone site, we can safely say that is a better option. That is what happened when we reviewed and SeniorsToDate is a good alternative to

SeniorsToDate Vs. EliteSingles Comparison

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SeniorsToDate and EliteSingles are both popular dating sites and favored by their respective clientele. We compared the two sites based on some common factors like a member profile, ease of use, search functionality, pricing, value for money, etc. There are a lot of similarities between the two. However, there are differences in pricing, the age range of members, the matchmaking functions, and the search features.

SeniorsToDate Vs. EliteSingles Overview

Our SeniorsToDate review finds the main features as below:

  • It’s meant for seniors and older singles between the age of 50 and 75
  • The member profiles are visually attractive
  • There are more male members than female members
  • You can have fun even with a free account, though a paid membership is better
  • The signup process is very simple and easy and takes just a few minutes

Our EliteSingles review finds the main features as below:

  • It’s a dating site for successful professionals
  • The member profiles are verified
  • The user base starts from the age of 30 plus
  • A free account won’t give you much accessibility
  • There is a personality survey for better matchmaking


In the case of SeniorsToDate, the paid membership costs $0.99 per day for the 3-day trial, and there are 1-month ($24.49), 3-months ($42.87), and 6-months ($62.29) packages. EliteSingles is pricier at $104.85 for a three-monthly package, $119.70 for a six-monthly package, and $215.40 for a yearly package.

Users / Membership

The website is designed to serve the relationship interests of senior citizens between the ages of 50 and 75 years. There are more men than women members here. is for singles aged 30-55, and the typical user is an American male within that age range. Here the numbers of male and female members are almost balanced.

Ease of Use

SeniorsToDate is really easy to use, considering that its members are older singles. The design is pleasing to the eye, the navigability is smooth, and signing up is fast, taking just two minutes. On EliteSingles, on the other hand, the signing up process is lengthier. It includes filling up a detailed questionnaire that is a kind of personality survey form, and it can take you as much as 20 minutes or more.

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SeniorsToDate has features that the seniors can handle with confidence. It is easy to contact members once you have decided which ones you like. There are communication starters that you can use to initiate a conversation. On EliteSingles, you can send winks to other members and messages, but you need to be a paid member to be able to send messages.

Security and Support

On SeniorsToDate, there is an upgrade named Extra Security. It adds features like incognito browsing, automatic cleaning of activity history, and full https encryption., however, doesn’t have any such facility. It treats your data with care and takes your safety online very seriously.

Who Should Use Them brings together like-minded older singles from across the globe. They have a presence in many countries of the world and a diverse community of members. is meant for older singles who are on the lookout for a long term relationship. For the most part, it is supportive of American singles that need local dates in their city or region.

Expert Conclusion

erica mossSeniorsToDate and EliteSingles both have commendable member bases that are loyal to their brand. However, if you are a newbie to the senior dating scene, we would suggest you opt for It has a clear edge over It is more versatile and flexible because you can also look for some casual fun as opposed to EliteSingles that serves only committed relationships well.

The Winner: SeniorsToDate Vs. EliteSingles

Our verdict is that SeniorsToDate is the winner between the two. When SeniorsToDate comes out, a clear winner is its capability to provide you a seamless online dating experience that suits your age and personality. This capability comes from a combination of excellent features and usability.