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Benaughty Review

Special Features
  • Ability to share photos and videos
  • ‘Cute or not’ game
  • Favorites list
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BeNaughty Review [2021]


  • Modern dating site with a clear focus on hookups and casual encounters
  • Growing user base with incredibly good gender proportion
  • Great user interface design and plenty of advanced features
  • It’s possible to upload photos and videos to your profile
  • It may take time to earn coins
  • No tariff plans

The most detailed Benaughty review

If you are in search of a dating site where you can flirt and chat for one night, BeNaughty provide an excellent opportunity. This review will go over all the pros that the provider has provided here and will analyze the site’s features and membership options. Here is everything you need to know in order to properly evaluate whether to sign up for this site:

Summary of the member structure

The most important fact about Benaughty is that 60% of its users are women, the majority of them younger than 35. Total membership is measured in the millions, with 500,000 users from the USA. Overall, this is not one of the largest sites, but it brings together a very diverse population with people of all sexual orientations and tastes joining in the fun. It is more popular with young adults, but open-minded seniors are welcome as well.

Signing up for

The sign-up process is extremely simple, and large parts of it can be skipped, so you can easily join to get a feeling for what Benaughty is all about. The site requires necessary information such as age, gender, and location, and you also need to provide an e-mail address. In less than 10 minutes, you could be already logged in and in active control of your account.

benaughty sign up

Smart tips for making contact with potential dates

The most frequently used method for interacting with other users is through the messaging system. Women can do this for free, while male users will need a paid subscription in order to communicate with potential hookup partners. You could also send ‘winks’ to attractive members or use a chat room to talk with people who are currently online. No matter which channel you use, you need to thread carefully until you make sure that you want the same thing as the other person.

Comparison of profile quality

As we mentioned, Benaughty doesn’t require new users to answer a lot of questions, and as a result, the profiles are not very informative. There are many incomplete profiles, and even those that contain a photo and personal info might give you only a basic idea about their owners. On a positive note, the ability to post videos is certainly a good feature, especially on a dating site where everyone is looking for naughty fun and good looks count more than personality.

Dedicated smartphone app

Benaughty does have a mobile app, but it only works on Android devices, which is somewhat limiting, to say the least. The app has all the same features that you will find on the PC version, and in fact, maybe better suited for some types of use. Since the app can be downloaded for free, most members with the right brand of a smartphone would be wise to try it out.

Anonymous review by user

‘For me, Benaughty is a place where I can meet new people and try new things without being judged, and that’s a great feeling.’

‘I couldn’t believe how active the hookup scene in my city is when I first joined Benaughty. Even after a few years, I am still sometimes surprised by all the opportunities coming my way.’

‘As one of the dating sites with the youngest member population, Benaughty was a natural choice for me.’

Rating design and usability of the site

From the registration process to financial transactions, every technical aspect of the site is more than satisfactory. Both desktop and mobile versions are quite user-friendly and well optimized for the type of screen they are used on. Design is dominated by photos, while still providing easy navigation clues to activate all functionalities.

Costs and Prices Breakdown

For the best user experience, it might be necessary to get premium membership status, especially for men.

The price is relatively affordable at $28.8 for a one-month program. The cost goes down to $16.2 if you purchase a 3-month package, nearly a 50% discount. You can also get a taste of the action for just 0.99 per day if you get a trial package that lasts for 3 days.

Broad range of Special Features

As one of the dating sites of a later generation, Benaughty tries to keep its members active and animated with a bunch of special features. This includes the ‘Cute or not’ game that shows you random user profiles and asks you to rate them, as well as the ability to share photos and videos through a chat window. There is also a Favorites list and many other cool options you will discover at

Is security robust enough at Benaughty?

According to most reviews, security is taken quite seriously at this site, and fake profiles are kept at a minimum. The site has strict policies regarding photos and tries to prevent message spamming as much as possible. For those who want to protect their privacy even further, there are Basic and Full Safe modes to activate, limiting which users can contact them.

How to avoid fake profiles and bots while looking for hookups?

While it may be true that Benaughty has fewer fake accounts than the average dating site, it’s still advisable to be cautious when interacting with someone for the first time. Checking the profile more closely is definitely a good idea, and if you see any warning signs, there you should probably continue browsing. The same is true if you suspect the user you are talking with to be a bot – pay attention to generic phrases and move on immediately if something feels off.

Review for guys and older men

Despite the fact there are a lot of females and couples on this site, men are still at a disadvantage when seeking a quick hookup. They can’t send messages for free and must always have an active premium membership in order to communicate. That’s why it’s very important for them to have a complete and well-made profile with good personal photos and perhaps a video, and present themselves in a good light from the first moment. If you do this, you will probably get laid many times regardless of your age.

Is there a secret recipe how to pick up on Benaughty?

pick upThere is no guaranteed formula for success in dating, but there are some tips you can follow. At Benaughty, you don’t have to walk on the eggshells and can state your desire for sex dating clearly. That doesn’t mean you should be pushy or impolite – you should use your charm and humor to establish a connection before you invite them to meet in person. Pay attention to what other people want, and you will have as many dates as you can handle.




Frequently Asking Questions

How safe is BeNaughty to use?
Thanks to effective policing of fake profiles and solid security features, is safer to use than most of the competing dating apps.
What is the minimum age for opening an account?
To be eligible for registration at Benaughty, you need to be over the age of 18.H3 What types of photos can I use?

All images you upload to your profile must be real, so you can’t use someone else’s photo. Pornographic pictures are not allowed on the site and will be automatically detected and deleted.

How difficult is it to open an account on Benaughty?
It’s actually extremely easy. You just need to answer a few questions, choose your username and password, and add a personal photo.
Is there a satisfaction guarantee program at this site?
This site offers a satisfaction guarantee program with the trial package, lasting for 3 days. To qualify for this option, your account needs to be older than 5 days, and you need to be actively using it.
Can I use Benaughty from my phone?
At the present time Benaught app is available only for Android phones, but you can access the web version from any mobile device.



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