Best Lesbian Dating Sites

benaughty is one of the internet’s most popular hookup sites and is known for its large female userbase.

Finding a lesbian date there should be quite easy since most of its community is more than open to having a raunchy hookup with an attractive female – that is if you put some effort into it.

Messaging is not only free, but BeNaughty even features a chatroom for those who feel comfortable with sparking up a conversation with complete strangers.

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pof logoPlenty of Fish seems to have been around for as long as the internet, being one of the pioneers of online dating.

While the website has since lost its popularity, it is nonetheless a solid choice for finding a couple of lesbian dates for yourself, as its userbase is still active.

One of the website’s most exciting features is called the Spark, which allows you to highlight a specific area of your crush’s profile in a special type of message that serves as a great conversation prompt.

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okcupid logoOkCupid is the internet’s most consistent dating website, having featured a large and active userbase even since it was first opened back in 2004. does not specifically cater to gay dating, yet is nonetheless a very solid choice for anyone looking to spice up their lives with a bit of romance.

OkCupid is most popular with young people and generally markets itself as being the place where you’ll be finding your perfect match. Many people found love there – maybe you’ll be one of them?

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zoosk is a popular dating site that is an excellent alternative to the more mainstream ones. It caters to all sexual orientations and has a great number of solid features that will make finding your date nothing short of a breeze.

Zoosk has over 40 million profiles, so it is not likely you’ll be having a hard time finding someone right for you, especially since the website also has something called a Behavioral Matchmaking System, which helps you connect with people who have common interests.

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match is one of the forefathers of online dating. Founded in 1993, the website grew to have an extraordinarily high success rate when it comes to finding a good relationship, and now it is regarded as being one of the most bountiful dating sites around.

So far, has allegedly helped 2 million singles find their partners. The website mostly caters to people who are serious in trying to find love, which is proven by the fact that you cannot message anyone without paying first.

Despite not catering to this specific niche, is considered to be one of the best lesbian dating sites around by virtue of its ethics.

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eharmony logoeHarmony is a solid dating site founded in the year 2000 and has been going strong ever since. It offers a personality test which is sure to stroke your ego and engage your mind, and features a special matchmaking system that is supposed to be making your time there seamless.

While has proven itself to be a solid website over the years, some people have been complaining about the website’s refund policy, so you’re encouraged to read the fine print if you decide to sign up for a membership.

The lesbian community might not be as large there as on other websites, but why not give it a shot?

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ourtime is a dating website that is designed to help older adults find love. A good amount of seniors have praised the website for being easy to use.

OurTime features a subscription model that is considered pricey by many, which is why most people are put off by the website, despite it has proven time and time again that age doesn’t really matter for when it comes to finding love. Gay dating? says, yes!

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Lesbiedates logoLesbieDates is a hookup website that does just what it promises – to find you a memorable lesbian date within a couple of days.

The interface is quite intuitive, and while the website appears to be a bit simple at first, you’ll find that it has a good amount of worthwhile features right beyond the surface that are sure to make your time spent there a pleasant experience.

Online lesbian dating is the main focus of, and probably one of the places you’d want to check out if you’re looking for a quick meetup.

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Lesbiemates logoLesbieMates is, as the name suggests, a lesbian dating website, and can pretty much be considered as being the opposite of its cousin,, adopting a far less sexual undertone and setting the scene for finding some serious romance instead of just another fling.

While there are other, more popular websites out there, is still worth checking out on account of its affordable subscription model and level of security.

You might not be able to talk much without paying (only 5 messages per day!), but if you do, then you’re bound to find an excellent lesbian date for yourself.

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weareher logoWeAreHer is a dating website designed for lesbian singles. The user interface is beautifully simple, and the website encourages finding a lesbian community near you (or near your heart, if not!) through being able to join a Community, which is basically a group in which you can make posts as if through, for example, Facebook.

A lot of’s features are hidden behind a paywall, but if you do decide to make an investment, then you’re no doubt going to be overjoyed with a host of cool new features that are made available to you, such as being able to see who Liked your profile.

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Myths about the Lesbian Relationship

There are many misconceptions about lesbians running around, such as how they hate men and how they are easy to approach and quicker to get into bed.

These are all hurtful and uneducated assumptions that don’t benefit anyone, and that only serves to bring a negative light to what is, in the end, just a form of love. For the record: no, hating men isn’t something most lesbians do, and just because you’re a lesbian does not mean you have to be licentious.

Benefits of the Lesbian Relationship

There’s a lot of benefits to being a lesbian, such as being to wear your partner’s clothing, being able to get help and advice on getting your makeup done, or being able to share in the pain of going through menstruation. Besides, who can better understand you than someone who is of the same sex?

Pros and Cons of Lesbian Dating Sites


  • Everyone you talk to is single.
  • Connecting with other lesbians is easy and judgment-free.
  • Being able to hookup with someone you haven’t met before is convenient.


  • It can be demanding and time-consuming.
  • You’ll be getting rejected a lot, even if you’re conventionally attractive.
  • Being able to hook up with someone you haven’t met before is scary.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 How do Lesbian Dating Sites Work?

This is a common question that deserves a good answer. To make use of a lesbian dating site, you need to create a dating profile, which usually consists of a couple of your best pictures and an attractive description of yourself.

Once that’s done, all you have to do is ‘find someone you’re interested in and contact them via the dating website you’re using!


Online lesbian dating might seem hard, but it really isn’t. There are many websites that can make finding a match for yourself effortless, and all you have to do is sign up for an account and try them out. Why not do that right now? Most of them are free, after all. Stop wasting time and find your match today!