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Casual Relationships

When you don’t have enough time to devote to a relationship, simply aren’t capable of doing that, or are just afraid of being hurt later down the road, then the best choice for you is probably to (at least temporarily) dive into the thrilling world of one-night stands.

We’re humans. We all need attention, affection, and a bit of intimacy every once in a while. There’s nothing bad about that! Same goes for women, as well. We’re social beings! A decent place to start on your quest for a warm touch would be on online dating sites since there’s a big chance you’ll find a girl your type.

Casual dating can be an anxiety-filled experience for men, though. Women groom themselves and wait to be showered with attention – men, on the other hand, have to play their games and entertain their fancies.

Lucky you’re here then. We don’t like games. We like love. But if they want to play games, then let us at least make sure you’re best equipped to win them by the end. We take care of our own, you know.

  • Be Confident – Women don’t like weakness in men. They can sniff it out it like wolves and love to take advantage of it. If you’re going to be a shy and stuttering wallflower when you try and pick up girls, then don’t. It’s not so easy, you might say – and you’re right. It’s not. But here’s why it’s easier than you think.

Being rejected is a man’s greatest fear for when it comes to approaching a potential partner, and it’s also the reason for why most become nervous wrecks by the time words fly out of their mouth. The solution? Stop caring. So what if you get rejected? Everyone gets rejected quite often, and not just in love. She’s one person in eight billion – should you really care? Trust us: the answer is no.

Never feel embarrassed! Remember – there’s always four billion more women you can meet and talk to. It’s just a numbers tips

  • Have Security in Life – You’ve heard this before, and we’ll echo it. The best way to attract romance in your life is by enjoying life in the first place! Stop worrying about love.

We know you might feel lonely, but we promise, it’ll all go away once you start loving yourself more than you need to love or to be loved by others. If you really like yourself, for example, and can think of a couple of pleasant personality traits you have, then someone else is bound to pick up on them and appreciate them just as much as you are.

Focus on yourself, not others. Love comes when it does. You know how girls are attracted to groomed men who make money and do what they want? Aspire to be that guy – then everything will fall into place. The trick? You still have to be yourself.

The Pitfalls of Casual Relationships

Casual relationships can be quite tricky to manage. While you’re not going to be taking care of anyone’s emotional needs – at least that much – it’s nonetheless important to remain tactful and sensitive to your casual partner’s desires, worries, and triggers.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to a casual relationship is not to “cross the streams” – that is, not to intertwine your lives too much. If she’s already met all of your friends and you gather together Friday night for an Uno game, then isn’t she basically your girlfriend at that point?

The Advantages of a Casual Dating

The advantages are way too many to list, so we’re only going to be addressing a few.

  1. Won’t leave you too vulnerable to heartbreak. Not being emotionally attached to the person you’re sleeping with might be saving you from a lot of stress later down the road.
  2. You don’t have to offer too much support. Picture this: she’s at home, crying and bawling her eyes out over some minor issue or another. You could be forced to spend the next several hours trying to calm her down, but she’s not your girlfriend after all – so why do it?
  3. Far less stressful situations. Traditional girlfriends can get on your nerves and make you go from Doctor Jekyll to Mister Hyde in no time. If you haven’t got the stomach for that, then a casual relationship is perfect. Want to scream? Sure, but do it away from me, and call me over when you want to watch some Netflix.

Etiquette on One-Night Stands

casual dateA casual relationship is far more lax than a traditional one, but it still has its rules and boundaries. It’s very important to establish them early in the relationship so that you both know what to expect.

Every relationship is different. Find out what makes yours tick, find out what your partner needs, and find out how to make sure you’re not going to get back into the world of singles unless you explicitly want to.

A very important thing to note is that this article generally focuses on the types of women to be found in nightclubs and not in cafes and libraries. These girls are far more likely to enter a casual relationship with you, as odds are that if you’re picking up a girl at the library, then she probably has something far more serious in mind and will think and behave quite differently when compared to most of your one-night stands.

One more thing – this article isn’t just for men looking for women. It’s aimed to help men in particular, so if you’re a man looking to enter a casual relationship with another man, then you can certainly make great use of our tips as well. Now you won’t have to ask yourself how to get a guy to date you!

We’re glad to have been able to share some of our wisdom with you. While you still have much to learn, we don’t doubt you’re well on your way to a flawless first date hookup!

Interracial Dating Tips

Interracial Dating Tips

Several dozen years ago, interracial dating was almost unheard of. In fact, in some countries, such as the United States, it was practically illegal! While we have since grown past our former prejudices and opinions, interracial dating is still a topic that has not been thoroughly discussed for when it comes to how best love your new, interracial partner.

If you don’t have one yet, then our suggestion would be to make a profile on the most relevant online dating sites around. If you put in a good effort, then you’re no doubt going to eventually attract the love you need. It’s all just a matter of time.

While the fact that you and your partner’s skin color is different in tone might be true, it’s important to remember that the human soul stays just the same, no matter beneath what color flesh it lies.

Your new relationship might bring attention to the cultural differences lying between you and your partner, and, while it’s easy to gloss over them, it’s far better to give these differences the attention they rightly deserve. After all, being different is being special, and who doesn’t want a special relationship?

Here’s a couple of things you’ll have to pay attention to:

  • Cultural Background – Learn more about your partner’s culture and what defines them as a people. Certain values, like those related to ethics or morals, might differ widely when compared to yours – so it’s best to realize this early and find a good balance between you two.
  • Language – Even if your partner can perfectly speak your primary language, it would nonetheless be a very endearing gesture if you would make an effort to learn theirs. Remember – knowledge is a treasure, so you’re not doing this just for them.
  • Their Family – While this doesn’t pertain to every scenario, certain cultures put a lot of emphasis on one’s parent-child relationship. It wouldn’t hurt to meet your new partner’s family, especially since you would get to directly experience the environment in which they grew up in, and learn how to best navigate it.

Dating a White Man as a Black Woman

black girl smilingWell, you’ve made an account on the best interracial dating sites around, made an effort to attract some affection in your life, came across a couple of white men that date black women, and entered a relationship with one of them. Congratulations!

While it might be different than what you’re used to, you’ll soon find out that he’s just as human as you in every single regard. Some cultural differences are bound to exist, so the wisest thing you can do is to make sure they synergize with each other instead of being in conflict.

Be sure not to listen to other people’s opinions about your relationship. A very common thing you might encounter is people refusing to believe you and your partner are together, even though you’re holding hands and kissing. That’s just jealousy or bitterness.

Don’t be affected by people judging your love. People love to talk, and that’s no secret. Let them. Meanwhile, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your budding romance.

One of the biggest topics you’ll probably have to educate your partner on the cultural differences between the environments you two grew up in. Him being a white man automatically means he’s not going to get what it means to be a black woman that quickly. Don’t blame him – it’s not his fault, just as it’s nobody’s fault what race they were born. But let him know. Gently.

Dating a White Woman as a Black Man

The interracial dating scene is flourishing. You’ve found an interracial partner for yourself, so that’s living proof! Now it’s just a matter of keeping them close to you and making sure your relationship will blossom instead of floundering.

If you’ve been stuck in the world of singles for some time now, then this might seem like a hard endeavor – but you’re lucky enough to have us to give you some advice on the matter.

dating black women

It wasn’t very common for black men to date white women until recent times, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there would be a couple of obstacles to your relationship, such as people being judgemental of the fact that you’re an interracial couple or even the very black women you might have grown up with demonizing you for “betraying” your race.

These are nothing but negative thoughts that you’re better off ignoring. It is more important to remember that in a relationship where love is truly burgeoning, race quickly stops being important. You learn how to cherish your partner’s personality more than their body. That’s why you’re with them, and that’s what you should focus on.

Your personality might differ from the type of men your partner is used to seeing, but that’s just because of the culture in which you were reared in. While this is not a bad thing, it would help for you to always remain mindful of the fact that you might have to do things a bit differently than what you’re used to.

Your girlfriend, for example, might not have any idea as to why certain behaviours of yours are different when compared to men of other races – and you might not have a clue as to why she is the way she is, either – but if you really care about each other, then this is nothing more than a great learning opportunity to help expand your societal horizons.

How Safe is Online Dating?

girl online dating

Staying safe is paramount to when you finally take the deep dive into the wonderful world of online dating. Going on a date with a person you’ve never met before can be nerve-wracking!

While writing a BeNaughty review to help you rack up as most casual dates and one-night stands as possible would no doubt have been entertaining as well, we believe the best way to approach the matter is to ensure the playing field is equally secure for everyone involved.

Online dating sites are a superb place to try and find love, but oftentimes they might be hosting more undesirables than you’d expect. While dating on the internet is generally safe as long as you take precautions, it’s easy to see how all manners of predators could be preying upon the naive and the confused, trying to take advantage of them.

That’s why we think it’s best if you’re equipped to deal with any unpleasant situations that might arise when first getting to know someone and if you know how to protect your poor heart from a potential emotional disaster.


Protecting Yourself While Dating

There are few things worse than going on a date with a person that is rude and uncaring. It’s even worse if they show signs of aggression or if they’re more creepy than they seem online. The best way to get back home safely is to learn how to guard yourself!

  • Do Your Research – It’s easy to lie on the internet. Anyone can do it. That’s why it’s best to inform yourself for when it comes to your potential date’s lifestyle choices. It would be wise to find out more about them so that you know what you’re getting into.

The best way to do so is to try and Google their username or their real name, together with their vague address. If you have their mobile phone number, then you can use that to search for more information about them as well.

The purpose of this exercise is not so much to stalk them but to find out what type of person you’re going to be dating. Our suggestion? Run a background check if you’re not fully comfortable or if something seems off. Might cost you a couple of dollars, but better safe than sorry.

women dates online

  • Take New Pictures for Your Profile – It’s very easy to track someone down by searching their picture on the internet. If the pictures you have on your dating account are the same you have on your social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, then people can search your dating profile pictures and quite easily locate your social media profiles as well. Scary, right?
  • Practice Safe First Date Methods – A smart idea is to never let your first date know where you live, either by picking you up or by sending an Uber your way. It’s best never to disclose your address unless it’s to someone you completely trust.

Another integral part of safe dating is to make sure your first date is in a public location where you can easily get help if needed. Ideally, you should also inform a friend about where you’re going out on a date and with whom, so they can forward this information to the police in case anything happens to you.

How to Avoid a Heartbreak

This is a story we’ve all gone through at least once in our lives: you meet someone that’s amazing, you fall in love head over heels, and then they break your heart in some cruel manner or another. No worries – this guide also covers guarding your heart in a relationship, so you’re in luck.

  • Date Smart, With Your Brain – It’s all too easy to get swept away by all the wonderful feelings coalescing in your bosom, but no matter how many butterflies you’ve got for someone, it’s always important to remember to date not just with your heart, but with your brain as well.

The heart is sometimes blind to certain things and could lead to a situation in which you would get it hurt were you not to guard it carefully. If you’ve found what seems like a good partner for yourself, then take it easy, be careful, and don’t let yourself be vulnerable too early!

  • Remember Yourself – Let’s say everything went fine, and the person you’re dating is wonderful enough to be able to relax and let your guard down. While you don’t have to worry about exposing your vulnerabilities and getting them trampled any longer, you still have to remember who you are and what makes you happy as a person.

You might be tempted to ignore what you’ve enjoyed up to this point in your life and to throw yourself into your new partner’s hobbies and activities, but it’s important to remember not to neglect yourself for when it comes to anything. In the end, remember – you can spend your whole life in a relationship with a great partner, but if they pass away before you do, then what then?

Not Getting Ahead of Yourself

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Love is powerful enough to make you forget yourself. It’s easy to start making plansfor the future, to see your partner as being much more dreamy than they are, and to ignore potential red flags.

Our suggestion? Don’t. Take it one step at a time, and don’t rush into anything. And stop taking things to heart! If your partner can’t go on a date with you this Tuesday, then it’s probably because they have something important to do, not because you’re not worthwhile!

Don’t fall into the trap of getting swept away by the currents of love. Let them guide you and bring you joy, but not dictate your whole life.

Famous Love Quotes

Suddenly life has new meaning to me, there’s beauty up above and things we never take notice of, you wake up suddenly you’re in love.” – Billy Ocean

True love is not a hide-and-seek game; in true love, both lovers seek each other.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

The USA Cities with Lots More Women than Men


Whilst not every city in the USA can say they have more women than men populating the vicinity, Atlanta and New York City certainly can! There are an expected 200,000 additional lone women in New York than there are single men, making it a rewarding city for straight men to be located within. Similarly, Atlanta boasts a surplus of 95,000 lone women compared to men.