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Bumble Review

Special Features
  • The ability to swipe back
  • Discovering new business connections
  • Access periodic face to face events
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The Bumble Dating App offers an easy-to-use service with a simple and effective layout that can be navigated by even the most illiterate technology users. With a huge member’s base of over 30,000,000 singles across the world spanning virtually all cultures and different backgrounds, everyone can find suitable partners. Even with the large pool of members using Bumble, the split between men and women is fairly even, providing a stable ground for users to make connections. As women initiate contact on Bumble, they aren’t inundated with messages from hundreds of guys. Although this dating site has amassed a huge following, they still do not cater to transgender members using the service. Learn more in this Bumble dating review!

Overview of the Site

Bumble.com is a popular online dating site predominantly putting women in control of the connections made. Here, women decide which men they would like to connect with after a match is created; those men then have the option to connect or not by replying to the message. If a woman doesn’t begin a conversation within 24 hours of the match being originally made, the potential connection is lost forever. 

The Sign-Up Process

Singles of all shapes and sizes from varying demographics, in countries across the world, call Bumble their dating home. The countries with the most members being in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan, although many other locations feature predominantly on the site. Bumble is not limited by culture, so you can discover a huge variety of partners. 

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Members Profiles

You can gain an insight into a potential partner by checking out the information provided within their dating profile. Simply navigate to the profile of the user, and you can find out key information, as well as having a look at the pictures uploaded. The images remain clear and can be viewed an unlimited amount of times. All information and uploaded images are public and can be viewed by any user on Bumble. Although most profiles are full of info, some are left lacking information.

Contacting the Members

Women are the first to decide whether they want to connect with men if a match is created, and for any reason she changes her mind, the connection is lost after 24 hours with no contact. However, all is not lost as this time frame may be extended for a fee.  

In terms of fake prevention and fake profiles existing on Bumble, the number is kept to a minimum. If you spot a fake on the site, you can report it to the admin team.

Special Features

Bumble doesn’t offer any special features to members without a cost. If you are willing to dip into your pockets, the following can be utilized. 

  • BumbleBFF – Perfect for finding friends.
  • BumbleBizz – For discovering new business connections. 
  • SuperSwipe – Stand out in a sea of singles. 
  • BumbleHive – Access periodic face to face events.
  • The BeeHive – Access a blog by Bumble.
  • Backtrack – The ability to swipe back if you made a mistake. This can be used an unlimited number of times. 

Bumble App Review

The Bumble app is an effective way to find singles online, which doubles as a multipurpose site used to find friends and new business connections. The application is well laid out and easy to use as well as being fully functional on both IOS and Android devices. The app can be downloaded for free and used to find partners whilst you’re on the go, so you never miss a message or a chance to make a connection. 

The color scheme employed is easy on the eye and welcoming, and the special features all work as they do online, on the mobile application. 

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‘Since I joined on Bumble, I have been super busy and always had plenty of chats to reply to each time I come online! I love the Bumble app as it is very easy to get to grips with and allows me to find partners whilst I am at work.’ – Alice, 35

‘Bumble.com has been a pleasant dating experience from start to finish. I have now found the one I will spend my life with; therefore, my account will be deleted now. However, I would recommend Bumble to anyone looking for love online, as it certainly helped me find my soulmate!’ – John, 42

The Costs and Prices of the Site


  • Bumble Coin – $1.99 
  • 30 Bumble Coins – $37.99 

Boost Package 

  • 1 Week – $8.99 
  • 1 Month – #24.99 
  • Lifetime – $149.99 (Lifetime subscriptions never expire) 


Bumble is a useful online dating site which can be used in a multitude of ways to make meaningful connections with people in your local area and further afield. Whether you are looking for love or to make friends, Bumble offers a service that can be utilized effectively by everyone. Gay singles are now welcomed, and this site provides one of the safest dating platforms to its members. And, as you can see it from our Bumble app review, it’s even easier to date on the move, using the site’s tailored mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Bumble is aimed at women, can gay men use the site?
Gay men can call Bumble home for dating. When a same-sex connection is made, either of you has the option to initiate a conversation. The rules for women being the first to make contact are scrapped.
Can I sign-up on Bumble without Facebook?
Yes, due to recent changes to the Bumble application process, you can now apply to join without a Facebook account. Simply, all you need is a mobile number, and you’re good to go! 
What is the Bumble Hive?
The Bumble Hive is a predetermined location designed to be an interactive area where members can interact with people such as entrepreneurs and social media influencers. On your arrival, expect free refreshments and an immersive experience. Bumble Hives are located around the world, primarily in Los Angeles and London. 
How can I update the information in my Bumble profile?
To edit the information provided within your bumble profile, navigate to “Edit Profile” Then select the “X” and choose the information you want to update on Bumble. 
What is BumbleBFF?
BumbleBFF is a new way to create meaningful connections with like-minded people who have a strong chance of becoming friends with you, based on their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests.


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