How Many Dates Should You Go on Before Sex?

dates before sex

So, you are here because you are unsure of the best time to have your first sexual encounter with somebody new. Well, luckily, we have all of the answers you are seeking, and you can use them to determine when the right time is!

What Is the Right Amount of Time to Wait for Sex?

Whilst there are no right or wrong answers here, it can be stated clearly that one should at least hold out for a little while before partaking in sexual activity with somebody new. Yes, there are no laws against you doing so, but the only way you are perceived by a new partner is as easy and needy!

We recommend that you stick to the 3-date rule as a minimum before you get down and dirty in the bedroom!

On Which Date Should You Go All the Way?

Some people inherently want to jump the gun and get right down to business as soon as possible, especially the younger singles in society. However, while this may be fun for a time and boost your ego, it will ultimately not yield the rewards you are seeking and is unlikely to turn into a successful relationship! Yes, you may even get together after a hookup, but the foundations to the relationship are off, and this will become apparent in time when things go wrong.

The 3 Date Rule Explained

The 3-date rule is a dating rule used by singles who don’t want to come across as a pushover when it comes to getting action in the bedroom. By observing the 3-date rule, abstain from sex with your newfound partner until the 3rd date has concluded at the earliest.

What Is the Usual Length of Time Before Going Exclusive with Somebody?

The length of time takes before going into a committed relationship often differs from couple to couple. What works for them may not work for you, and vice versa!

It is important to start asking yourself questions relating to the person in question to decide how close you are to being ready to commit. Do you feel upset when you think they are out with a potential love interest?

– Do you want to spend your future with this person?

– Do you want to be involved in everything that they do day-to-day?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you may well be ready to proceed to the next stage. If not, listen to your gut and work out the reason as to why.

On the whole, most couples should know they have a strong connection, similar values, and want to be together as much as possible after three months of dating.

How Often Do Couples Over 30 Have Sex?

The number of times couples over 30 have sex has already decreased by 25% by the time they reach 30. You can expect to enjoy 1-2 sexual encounters every week with your partner if you are between 30-39 years old. The older you become, the less sex you have on average. By 50, you can expect to have sex with your partner just once a week.

How Many Guys Until You Have Slept with Too Many?

The number of guys you can sleep with until you have slept with “too many” simply depends on your standards to hold yourself too. If you’re not bothered about the number of men you have bedded, then you can go on with your life without a care in the world, because, ultimately, there is no number!

However, if you are the more self-conscious type, as long as your number of sexual partners doesn’t exceed three different singles per year, you are on a good track!

How to Know When a Man Wants to Have Sex with You

relationsWhen a man wants to have sex with you, there are some telltale signs to look out for. Knowing these, you can pick up on when a guy wants to take things further with you in the future!

His Eyes

Do his eyes remain locked on you during a conversation, maintaining strong eye contact? Do you often find him looking at you when you are looking away?

Eyes are the key to the soul and are a great indicator of a man’s true feelings. Pay close attention to his eyes to see if he desires you.

His Time

Another important thing to consider is, does he make time for you when he is busy? If he is available to just hang out and you aren’t friends, this is a huge indication that he is interested in you and probably wants to get closer.


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