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Special Features
  • Vibe check
  • Video chat
  • Reverse match
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  • A dating site with a long tradition and good reputation
  • Primarily oriented towards long-term relationships and marriage
  • A personal photo is required in order to open a profile
  • Available in PC or mobile version
  • Very inclusive towards all social groups, including gay and lesbian people
  • Fairly priced dating site considering its quality and size
  • Money is automatically withdrawn for the following months
  • Most features are paid

Overview of Most Important Features

Most people who use dating sites know about, as this website has been around for a long time and belongs in the top tier of online matchmaking providers. This review will present its most important features, and tell you why opening an account here is probably a good idea, especially if you are looking for romance and not just adventure.

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Key Features

This site was launched way back in 1995, and it is still running strong with over 8 million paying users worldwide. It serves as a platform for meeting new people, communicating remotely, and possibly starting a relationship. has a very diverse membership base, with plenty of black people, Christian singles, LGBT individuals, and many others. The site is well designed and easy to get around, while its numerous special features make it a favorite in the online dating industry.

Pricing Summary

There is a consensus among dating experts that you need a paid account in order to make the most out of your experience at There are two types of membership packages available – standard and premium, with the exact cost depending on the length of the package.

Pricing Plans
The price for a standard plan ranges from $7.99 to $ 12.99, while the premium plan costs between $8.99 and $14.99. You can also boost your profile by purchasing credits for as low as $0.60.

Profile Quality Examination

Profiles at are quite informative and can tell you a lot about the people who created them. Every profile must contain at least one photo, but it can include up to 25 additional images. In addition to basic personal info, you can also learn about the user’s interests and dating preferences, which makes it easier to start a conversation. There is also a match percentage indicator, and the site offers you to see a few similar profiles.

Shortlist of the Most Important Tips for Profile Making

  • Be truthful with personal information and dating interest
  • Choose a representative primary photo
  • Add a lot more photos to your profile
  • Take advantage of the built-in profile making tool
  • Make sure your profile is complete before you start dating

Details about Mobile App

Despite being an old-school dating site, is available for mobile use, and its apps can be downloaded for free from Google Play or App Store. The app is feature-rich and well optimized, so it works really well from a mobile device. It allows you to set up notifications and know immediately whenever someone sends you a message or likes your photo.

Personal Review by Users

‘Joining was the best decision of my life, as I was able to meet my future wife here.’

‘After trying a few sites for singles, I settled at, and I don’t see why I would ever consider switching allegiance again.’

‘I feel safer online when I know the site where I meet people has already helped millions of others to find that special someone.’

Costs & Prices

The cost of registering on the site using it for a month as a dating platform is $ 36.

With further use, the price varies from $ 20 to $ 18 per month, it depends on whether you buy a subscription for 3 months or immediately for half a year.

Are there any Special Features?

The selection of advanced features at is quite broad and includes a few unique functionalities. A good example is ‘Vibe check’, a video chat feature that lets you get a feel for the person on the other side. Premium members can also highlight their profiles so that they appear on the top of the list of matches. Finally, there is the quirky ‘Reverse match’ feature that shows you the members that you have the least in common with.

Usability Analysis

Experts disagree on which version of’s interface is better. Some like the simplicity and the clean look of the mobile app, while many others believe that the more spacious desktop layout is easier to use. No matter how you access, you probably won’t have any issues finding all the most essential functions or searching for dates.

Security and Privacy Protection

At this website, both online security and physical wellbeing of users are a point of emphasis. has robust security features and privacy protection policies, while it tries to keep the number of fake profiles to a minimum. There is also a possibility to receive automated messages during a date and activate an SOS signal in case of any distress. On the other hand, the absence of verification procedures is a weakness.

Premium Extras you can Pick up

In addition to being able to send messages, premium users enjoy a range of benefits on They can browse and search anonymously while being able to see who viewed their profile. Access to instant messaging and chat features are another valuable perk, allowing the users to communicate in real time and send voice messages.

What you need to know about the Cancellation Policy?

It’s very important to know that the current membership plan will be automatically renewed at its expiry if it’s not proactively canceled before that. There is no limitation when you can cancel – just notify the customer team, and you will still be able to continue using full features of the site for the remainder of your original package.

Learning how to avoid fake profiles and bots at

Like with many other dating apps, contains a certain percentage of fake profiles, and you must learn how to recognize them when you search for a date. Sometimes a profile might appear authentic, but if you look more closely and ask a few questions, it will become clear that it’s deceptive. Senior users may be more vulnerable to this type of abuse, so they should be extra careful when they are interacting with new people.

Special Match Review for Guys looking for Serious Relationships

serious relationships

It’s fair to say that a lot of members are Christian women who are looking for potential husbands, so guys interested in this type of relationship could be successful if they follow certain rules. Dating of this type typically goes more slowly and requires men to demonstrate they are honest, dependable, and capable of being understanding. It makes sense to talk about your interests more than about your success, at least in the early stages of getting to know someone.

Deciding how to pick up on match

Despite the general orientation towards serious relationships, there are still many straight and gay people looking to pick up casual partners on All it takes to enjoy a lot of adventures is a good strategy, so you need to find the best approach that works for you. It’s probably better to search for likeminded individuals than to send a bunch of messages indiscriminately, as you might irritate some members who are not interested in hookups.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is dating on a safe thing to do?
While it’s impossible to completely eliminate risk, strong security features make one of the safest choices in the industry.
What is the lower age limit for membership on this site?
All new users must be at least 18 years old when they open an account on the site.
Are there any photos that I can’t upload?
It is forbidden to use copyrighted images, illustrations, or photos that include nude people or acts of violence.
Is the website aware of my physical location? is capable of tracking your location and uses this information to power some services on the mobile app. However, your exact location is never revealed to others.
How much effort does it take to open an account on Match?
Very little, and you don’t need any technical knowledge. Just answer the questions and follow the instructions, and your account will be ready very soon.
How do I qualify for the Satisfaction Guarantee Program? offers a guarantee that you will find a date to your liking within 6 months, or you can get your money back.
Can this dating site be used from a smartphone?
There are specialized mobile apps for Android and iOS that you can download to your phone for free.


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