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OKCupid Review [2021]

  • OKCupid is a well-known and popular dating site in existence since 2004
  • A happy medium between looking for hookups and long-term dating
  • Basic functionalities are available free of charge
  • A reasonably priced subscription unlocks plenty of special features
  • The possibility to use the service from a PC or mobile phone
  • Matchmaking features are based on mutual compatibility of personalities
  • Superb usability and security in comparison with most other dating sites
  • Too detailed questionnaire to fill out
  • Messages will only be delivered from those you like

Membership structure of OKCupid

Any review of OKCupid website must start with its large and diverse membership, which is one of the main reasons to consider joining this site. There are more than 50 million unique profiles, most of which are actively used regularly. Approximately 10 million OKCupid’s users are from the United States alone, but there is a substantial number from other regions. Men are more numerous than women, especially in the category of older users, but gender balance is still good enough (65/35) to find dates easily. The site is most popular with the age group between 25 and 35, but you can literally find people from all generations here, and they are all having a lot of fun.

How to navigate registration and profile making on OKCupid like a pro

In order to open an account on OKCupid and start messaging other users, it’s necessary to go through a registration process that involves a few steps. The application form contains basic questions about your identity and interests, such as date of birth, location, gender, etc. You can fast-track this part by choosing to sign up with a Facebook account, in which case you can also import your photos from this social network. After you are done with this, you will need to take a personality test that greatly helps search for a suitable dating partner. Based on your answers to the test questions, the site can calculate the percentage of similarity between two users and decide which profiles to choose as recommended matches.

The advantages of the mobile dating app

OKCupid was originally designed as a desktop application, but today many users choose to log in from their mobile phones. This is aided by the fact that a dedicated mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and it contains virtually all the same features as the PC-based version, only with a different layout. Some people prefer the mobile app because it is possible to browse through profiles with one hand, swiping left or right to indicate whether you like the person or not. However, to access some of the advanced features, it may be necessary to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, so user experience with the app really depends on how you intend to use OKCupid.

okcupid review

Testimonials by OKCupid users

‘It didn’t take me more than a month to find my first hookup on OKCupid, which is far better than what I experienced at several competing dating apps’

‘I always access OKCupid from my smartphone, and I think the interface is really well-suited for someone with an attention span as short as mine.’

‘In my book, OKCupid is one of the most reliable online dating providers, and it would take a lot of persuading to get me to change sites.’

Finding a match on OKCupid is easier than you think

There are several ways you can search for a good match on this site. The most common method is through an algorithm-powered matching system based on the results of the personality test. All members are free to send messages to any of the offered users, but the other side won’t even see the message unless there is a match. Another approach is to use the search function and specify the most relevant parameters; for example, users living in a certain area or users who are currently online.

Major downsides of this dating site

As opposed to some other dating sites, OKCupids messaging system is somewhat limiting and based completely on matches. Basically, the website believes that its algorithm can do a better job judging which members are compatible with the users themselves. This is not always the case, and some members would like more freedom in this regard. Also, some users believe that the website used to be much better in the early days, but has watered down its unique identity to better fit into the current trends in the online dating industry, disrupting its once vibrant community.

Prices of premium membership on OKCupid

The price for the upgraded profile on OKCupid depends on the type of package you want and the duration of the contract.

Basic subscription
Basic subscription can be acquired for as little as $3.95 with a 6-month agreement, while the price is $7.95 if you take just one month – still quite affordable.
Premium subscription
Premium subscription is naturally more expensive, and costs between $19.95 and $24.95 per month. It is also possible to get short-term boosts by purchasing credits, with a set of 10 credits priced at $16.9.

Special features you should be aware of

The most important unique feature on OKCupid is certainly DoubleTake, which serves as a quick channel for matchmaking. Another practical possibility is to ‘stack’ your matches, which is to organize them into several distinct categories. Daily auto boost is available only to premium users, and it pushes the profile higher on the list of displayed potential matches, which is crucial for dating success on this site. Paid users can also see who likes their profile, and enjoy an ad-free experience on OKCupid. Finally, there is a blog that offers you a chance to become more familiar with the community and express your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of OKCupid?
You need to open a new account and either enter your biographical info or import it from social media, as well as answer some questions about your preferences.
Can I buy premium membership at OKCupid?
You certainly can, and in fact, you can choose between two different types of subscriptions.
Is it possible to get a refund for the remaining time on the membership?
The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no, but instead, you can use up the time left after you cancel your subscription.
On which principle are OKCupids operations based?
It’s all about matches on this site, and even messaging between two members isn’t fully unlocked unless they like each other.
What should I know about the DoubleTake feature?
This is a simple and easy-to-use matchmaking feature that works particularly well in the mobile app and lets you like other people’s profiles.
Is it risky to contact people through OKCupid?
This is a well-established dating site, and most of the profiles on it are authentic, so the risks are not greater than with any other online communication platform.
What to do if I encounter a suspected scammer?
OKCupid offers you the possibility to block any user that bothers you, but if you have doubts about more serious violations, you should also report the abuse to the administrators.


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