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Casual Relationships

When you don’t have enough time to devote to a relationship, simply aren’t capable of doing that, or are just afraid of being hurt later down the road, then the best choice for you is probably to (at least temporarily) dive into the thrilling world of one-night stands.

We’re humans. We all need attention, affection, and a bit of intimacy every once in a while. There’s nothing bad about that! Same goes for women, as well. We’re social beings! A decent place to start on your quest for a warm touch would be on online dating sites since there’s a big chance you’ll find a girl your type.

Casual dating can be an anxiety-filled experience for men, though. Women groom themselves and wait to be showered with attention – men, on the other hand, have to play their games and entertain their fancies.

Lucky you’re here then. We don’t like games. We like love. But if they want to play games, then let us at least make sure you’re best equipped to win them by the end. We take care of our own, you know.

  • Be Confident – Women don’t like weakness in men. They can sniff it out it like wolves and love to take advantage of it. If you’re going to be a shy and stuttering wallflower when you try and pick up girls, then don’t. It’s not so easy, you might say – and you’re right. It’s not. But here’s why it’s easier than you think.

Being rejected is a man’s greatest fear for when it comes to approaching a potential partner, and it’s also the reason for why most become nervous wrecks by the time words fly out of their mouth. The solution? Stop caring. So what if you get rejected? Everyone gets rejected quite often, and not just in love. She’s one person in eight billion – should you really care? Trust us: the answer is no.

Never feel embarrassed! Remember – there’s always four billion more women you can meet and talk to. It’s just a numbers tips

  • Have Security in Life – You’ve heard this before, and we’ll echo it. The best way to attract romance in your life is by enjoying life in the first place! Stop worrying about love.

We know you might feel lonely, but we promise, it’ll all go away once you start loving yourself more than you need to love or to be loved by others. If you really like yourself, for example, and can think of a couple of pleasant personality traits you have, then someone else is bound to pick up on them and appreciate them just as much as you are.

Focus on yourself, not others. Love comes when it does. You know how girls are attracted to groomed men who make money and do what they want? Aspire to be that guy – then everything will fall into place. The trick? You still have to be yourself.

The Pitfalls of Casual Relationships

Casual relationships can be quite tricky to manage. While you’re not going to be taking care of anyone’s emotional needs – at least that much – it’s nonetheless important to remain tactful and sensitive to your casual partner’s desires, worries, and triggers.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to a casual relationship is not to “cross the streams” – that is, not to intertwine your lives too much. If she’s already met all of your friends and you gather together Friday night for an Uno game, then isn’t she basically your girlfriend at that point?

The Advantages of a Casual Dating

The advantages are way too many to list, so we’re only going to be addressing a few.

  1. Won’t leave you too vulnerable to heartbreak. Not being emotionally attached to the person you’re sleeping with might be saving you from a lot of stress later down the road.
  2. You don’t have to offer too much support. Picture this: she’s at home, crying and bawling her eyes out over some minor issue or another. You could be forced to spend the next several hours trying to calm her down, but she’s not your girlfriend after all – so why do it?
  3. Far less stressful situations. Traditional girlfriends can get on your nerves and make you go from Doctor Jekyll to Mister Hyde in no time. If you haven’t got the stomach for that, then a casual relationship is perfect. Want to scream? Sure, but do it away from me, and call me over when you want to watch some Netflix.

Etiquette on One-Night Stands

casual dateA casual relationship is far more lax than a traditional one, but it still has its rules and boundaries. It’s very important to establish them early in the relationship so that you both know what to expect.

Every relationship is different. Find out what makes yours tick, find out what your partner needs, and find out how to make sure you’re not going to get back into the world of singles unless you explicitly want to.

A very important thing to note is that this article generally focuses on the types of women to be found in nightclubs and not in cafes and libraries. These girls are far more likely to enter a casual relationship with you, as odds are that if you’re picking up a girl at the library, then she probably has something far more serious in mind and will think and behave quite differently when compared to most of your one-night stands.

One more thing – this article isn’t just for men looking for women. It’s aimed to help men in particular, so if you’re a man looking to enter a casual relationship with another man, then you can certainly make great use of our tips as well. Now you won’t have to ask yourself how to get a guy to date you!

We’re glad to have been able to share some of our wisdom with you. While you still have much to learn, we don’t doubt you’re well on your way to a flawless first date hookup!

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