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POF (Plenty of Fish) review

Special Features
  • Chemistry Predictor
  • Focus on people in the same geographic area
  • Meet Me function
  • Super Yes
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POF (Plenty of Fish) Review [2021]

  • One of the oldest dating sites, operating since 2003
  • Registered in Canada, but accepting members from all continents
  • More than 90 million users in total and 3.5 million daily logins
  • A wide array of advanced matchmaking and search features
  • Mostly popular with young adults and middle-aged people
  • Free mobile app for more convenient online dating
  • Excellent security features and privacy protection
  • Not suitable for LGBT people

Detailed review of the Plenty of Fish website

There are many reasons why Plenty of Fish is a leading dating site that continually attracts new members, and in this review, we will attempt to present them systematically. We will examine some of the most important aspects of the site’s operations that affect user experience and play a role in the search for a compatible match.

Overview of the POF membership structure

One of the greatest advantages of www.pof.com over any competitors is its huge and very loyal user base, the majority of which is from North America. While there are more males than females on Plenty of Fish, the difference is only about 20% so it’s still quite easy to meet a person of the opposite gender. Men and women of all generations are present, and it’s not rare to encounter singles over the age of 50 or even older. Still, the age group between 25 and 35 years is the most represented so the website works best for those who are seeking relationships with partners from this demographic.

The procedure for signing up

It is free to sign up and join Plenty of Fish, and it won’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete the entire administrative procedure. At the end of this procedure, a new user gets a personal username and password that grant him access to his profile.

Basic rules for making contact on POF

The most common way for contacting other members on this dating website is by sending a direct message. Women can attach a personal photo to the textual message or chat, but men are prevented from using this feature. Sending a voice recording is another interesting option for starting a conversation, and this option is available even to free profile owners. However, paid members have some tangible advantages – for example they can see the status of their messages.

pof making contactpof making contact 2

Examining profile quality on Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish profiles are more detailed than is usual for online dating services, and the reason for this is that all the extra information about the user leads to better matchmaking. A profile typically contains a photo, as well as basic personal details such as age, gender, height & weight, etc. Plenty of Fish, you can also state your hobbies, activities, and interests, as well as information about your family members. Such a detailed presentation allows other users to get a better impression of your personality, but there is a catch – only premium members can view detailed information on your profile.

The advantages of the mobile app

Despite being originally developed for desktop use, POF has evolved with the ages and now offers a free download of a mobile application that has all the same features as the main site. The app is available for Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems, so you will be able to use it to arrange romantic encounters regardless of which phone model you own. Using the mobile app also facilitates location-based services, which is why a majority of POF members choose to access their profiles in this way.

Firsthand experience – anonymous review by users

‘I was a little skeptical when I first joined POF, but that changed after I started meeting real people.’

‘After trying many different online dating apps over the years, I finally settled on Plenty of Fish and now use it regularly to meet new people.’

‘It took me a few weeks to meet my first date through www.pof.com, but it was worth it. She was a perfect match for me and we are still in a relationship’

Are design and usability good at POF?

In terms of technical features and practical usability, Plenty of Fish clearly stands out from the crowd. The site operates with practically no downtime, while its user interface is very easy to learn and get used to, especially in the mobile version. Searching for members with certain characteristics is also very simple and intuitive, which greatly enhances the chances of finding a good match.

Due to a fairly simple website interface, users can easily find the information he needs without any additional instructions. Simple search, thoughtful design, navigation, and return to the previous page provide comfortable use of this site. The site contains only up-to-date information, high page loading speed, and accessibility for any browser and mobile device.

pof usabilitypof usability2

Costs and Prices

Based on average prices of a premium membership in the industry, Plenty of Fish is actually quite affordable.

The price is just $19.35 per month with a two-month package, but the cost goes down to $10.35 with a subscription that lasts 8 months. It’s also possible to buy in-app credits (tokens) for $1.99 and use them to activate certain advanced functionalities.

Considering the size of the website and its reliability, it’s truly a bargain to pay lower than average rates.

Which Special features you can find

Plenty of Fish has several very creative features that are rarely seen on dating sites of this type, starting with the Chemistry Predictor and other sophisticated, algorithm-driven matchmaking tools. Another unique characteristic is the focus on people in the same geographic area, with Meet Me function a good example of this approach. Some other services that can be activated with paid credits include sending priority messages and Super Yes feature which lets someone know that you are very interested.

Should you trust security at Plenty of Fish?

This website enjoys a good reputation when it comes to security, which is why it survives at the top of the online dating industry for so long. That’s why it requires users to fill out their profiles manually instead of importing data from their social media accounts and requires anti-bot verification at login. In addition to standard privacy protections, the site automatically signs out any member who isn’t actively using the account for a certain period.

Do you need premium extras to find a date?

Members who are paying fees at POF can take advantage of several unique features that improve their chances of starting a relationship quickly. Most importantly, they won’t be shown any ads so they can browse photos of other members without interruption. People with premium subscriptions also appear higher in searches, which can make a big difference. They can also send up to three gifts per day to potential matches to seal the deal and agree to an in-person encounter.

Cancellation Policy

Once you start paying a subscription at this online dating site, it will be automatically renewed at the end of the agreed period. If you want to stop using premium membership, you’ll need to notify the website about your decision before your current package expires. If the benefits that Plenty of Fish can offer fit what you are looking for, you should take a closer look at how it all works and open a profile today.


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