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    Check Out the Best Flirt Reviews

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    Check Out the Best Flirt Reviews



    • The massive database of hot singles on the Flirt matchmaking site makes the process of finding a partner faster and easier.
    • Flirt boasts of lots of exciting features that users can utilize to enhance their flirting online.
    • The platform enables you to set up Safe Mode, allowing only paid members to reach out to you.
    • Flirt gives a part of your cash if you are not satisfied during your stay on the website.
    • The site active user base is up to 1million+ per month.
    • The website has preset flirtcast to send flirty chats.


    • Acceptance of photo and profile info may take up to 24 hours, which seems too long.
    • Flirt doesn’t support mobile apps.
    • You can’t be sure of your chatting with a compatible companion.
    • Members’ profiles are not well-detailed.

    Flirt History

    Launched in 2009 to unite lonely hearts seeking casual relationships and hookups, Flirt is one dating outlet that has made a tremendous impact on online dating! Even though the dating service was later acquired by Cupid PLC (Known as EasyDate), they still maintained positivity, and this has earned it more than a million users globally today.

    And the amazing fact back then was that Flirt allowed free membership for females. Anyways, time flies, and with the increasing online threats by scammers, Flirt now offers paid membership to all valid members to help maintain a 100% safe and secure yet fun dating atmosphere.

    No lies, members of this platform were not satisfied with the switch to a paid membership! Then Flirt decided to offer a 3-day trial membership at a minimum cost. And this also made them give the policy to refund payments if new members aren’t satisfied during their stay on the website.

    Moreover, it’s got features such as ‘Like Gallery’ that enables you to find a mate quickly, and you can use Flirtcast to broadcast flirty messages to members online. Hence if you’re looking for something casual but fun, then Flirt is the perfect place to be. Read the review below to find out more about Flirt and know if it’s just a perfect choice to suit your dating requirements.

    Flirt Users Reviews

    Don Jason: I always like using the Flirt dating site when it comes to connecting with naughty folks in my area seeking magical hookups. Like seriously, my first hookup amazed me! I, fortunately, encountered one of the girls I’ve been admiring in my area, and it was like a dream come true for me. LOL!!

    Walter John: Flirt website is a great spot for me! Whenever I feel lonely, I visit this platform, and I’ve always been fortunate to meet people who always want my kind of person. I’m sure it’ll be like that for everyone on the platform.

    Celina Bella: First time I joined the Flirt dating site, I thought it was like others that I’ve tried out. But the truth is this dating site is very different. And I found my soulmate in a very short time. Thanks to Flirt!

    Flirt Legit?

    A concise answer is YES! Flirt is one of the top leading legal matchmaking websites you’ll always find online. As you know, it has been in function for years now under the influence of Cupid PLC. Also, the total successful outcomes from this platform verify its credibility for matchmaking. So don’t be scared to try it out.

    How Does Flirt Work?

    The Flirt dating service is created with the mission to connect singles looking for casual relationships and hookups without any commitment, from their massive database to the number of countries supported (up to 253 countries) by this platform.

    Flirt is loaded with tons of flirty folks who are eager to have some naughty fun, and you’ll surely meet people who want to spend a magical night with you. Although there are still chances of meeting folks who want to begin a long-term relationship, the fact is many folks here prefer something naughty, casual, or flirty.

    Once you register for a free account on this matchmaking website, you’ll be given free access to explore personals and like profiles of potential partners, and receive messages. But the fact is you can reply only to five messages with a free account. So if you want to enjoy more chatting and viewing messages, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership.

    Flirt paid membership offers either a 3-day trial ($4.23), 1-month ($27.30/month), 3-months ($15.30/month), or 6-months ($12.27/month), depending on the one you think will be suitable for you in the pursuit to find your dream soulmate. However, the 3-day trial is best for those who only want to test the features of the platform and see if it’s a decent choice.

    And one thing that makes Flirt outstanding is their privacy and policy, which helps ensure your safety and security from online threats. Moreover, there are lots of excellent features such as Like Gallery, Flirtcast, and lots more. And the fascinating aspect is you won’t find it hard to engage in conversation with singles or even navigate your way around the site.

    Member Structure

    With over a million members globally, the majority of users on the Flirt matchmaking site are with the age span of 20-year-old to 35-year-old. But they’ve got more female users compared to male users (Female: 60% Male: 40%). While members based in the United States are up to 300,000, Flirt also boasts of active weekly members of 80,000 globally.

    Although research made it known that Flirt dating service gets more members from the USA compared to other countries, we still noticed some number of phony profiles approved by Flirt Admin. And it’s even noticeable because they tend to use photos of well-known celebrities.

    Aside from that, we kept receiving messages from some female users, which could be clickbait to lure new users to upgrade to a paid membership account.

    Flirt Sign in/Signup

    Flirt sign up process is easy and concise! All you need is a valid email address, and after that, you can create an account with your preferred name. But ensure to make your profile info more elaborate about yourself and the kind of companion you’re seeking, as it’s the only key to locating a compatible companion in a short time.

    Matchmaking on Flirt

    Members on the Flirt dating site have two ways of connecting with potential partners, and they do this either by sending Winks or sending messages. Fortunately, Flirt always gives members five free chats that can be used with five different members but replies and other messages will be locked and automatically deleted for male users after 24 hours of not upgrading to a premium membership. Women can reply to their messages free without restriction!

    Another good thing about Flirt is that they are very cautious, so anytime a suspicious member messages you, Flirt will alert you. Letting you know that the person is under observance for anti-scam activities.

    But if you choosing to engage in a conversation with the person is at your own risk. Like I said Flirt has got a ‘Like Gallery’! This Like Gallery is like a roulette matching activity that provides you with a photo of potential matches that you can show you’re interested in clicking on Heart or click X to show you aren’t interested. And you’ll also get the chance to view those who have liked you and your successful matches.

    Profile Quality

    The main drawback of Flirt profile quality is that it shows limited information about the person. Aside from that, it displays good images, age, username, and your location. But your info, photo gallery, and additional information are positioned below this section. Also, you can ask for more information from other members if they’re yet to fill up some info fields.

    And you can find a ‘Looking for’ section, but it’s available for only premium members. Finally, you can become a verified member by contacting Flirt admin operators, as you’ll be asked some quick, simple questions.

    Flirt Dating App

    Unfortunately, Flirt doesn’t support mobile apps. It only supports the web browser version. But the web browser version is compatible with mobile and desktop devices.

    Design Usability

    Flirt matchmaking website has a simple design that makes navigation around the site easy. The layout consists of two primary element tabs on the header menu, which is the Like Gallery and Search option.

    The Search page contains the search filter that is fixed at the top side of the website, followed by three tabs( Online Now, All Members, and New members). However, personals are shown in a grid layout, and all members who are currently online will be indicated on their profile. Also, it’ll be specified if the user is a new member by adding a red ‘New’ text mark.

    And under each profile photo is the user name, age, and location, followed by the Chat and Wink buttons for easy contacting.

    Special Features

    The Special Features are something that’ll be offered to all members, both old and new. But free users have a limited amount of time to use the Special Features while paid members have unlimited access.

    Flirt Cast

    Flirtcast is a remarkable feature that allows users to send messages to potential matches in only one click. And it feels good as you can send Flirtcast after every twelve hours.

    Video Uploads

    There’s room for uploading a 30-second video on your profile discussing your personality and the kid out soulmate you’re seeking.

    Like Gallery

    Like Gallery feature allows you to fix potential dates with people, it works simply. All you need to do is like the profile of singles who you think would be a good match by hitting the Heart button, and if you see profiles you don’t find attractive you should click on the X button. Also, you’ll be able to view success dates using the Like Gallery feature.

    Request More Info

    If you find a potential date whose profile is incomplete, you can click on the Request More Info button to send that particular user a notification that you want the person to complete his/her profile.

    Security & Support

    Flirt security is what I call top-notch, and you can also testify to that from all that’s discussed above. Also, their customer service support is always active 24/7, and the admin is always eager to give a response to any issue from their users.

    Cost & Prices

    Free Service Offer

    • Registration of account.
    • Sending of winks.
    • Reply to chats.
    • Add users to your Favourite list.

    Paid Membership Service

    • Access to view photos.
    • Unlimited chats.
    • Sharing of images and videos in chat.
    • Intense searching for personals.
    • ‘Looking for’ info is displayed.
    • Premium support.
    • 3-day trial: $4.23
    • 1 month: $27.30/month
    • 3 months: $15.30/month
    • 6 months: $12.27/month

    Expert Conclusion

    erica moss

    After an in-depth review of the Flirt dating website, it has been concluded that this platform is indeed top-notch when it comes to hookups and casual dating. From its massive database to the dating features and lord more, there’s no doubt that this website is a reasonable choice for everyone looking to flirt. Who knows, your dream soulmate may just be only a few clicks ahead.


    What Is Safe Mode on Flirt?

    A short answer is setting limitations to which users can message or chat with you. Yes, with Safe Mode, you can set up a restriction to whom you want to contact you, and it’s available in three modes, which is Off, Basic, and Full mode. The full mode enables only ascertained members to contact you. The Basic mode allows all users to message you except the ones you marked suspicious, while the Off mode gives all members the access to contact you anytime.

    What Security Does Flirt Have?

    From their Terms of Usage to the Safe Mode, the Flirt dating site abides by 100% privacy and policies imposed by the law. And these securities are strictly enforced that they can’t be violated.

    How Long Does It Take to Approve?

    As I said before, it takes up to twenty-four hours for Flirt Admin operators to verify your profile.