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Tinder Review

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Tinder Review [2021]

  • Easy integration with social media apps such as Facebook or Snapchat
  • Ultra-simple interface powered by the unique Swipe action
  • Very inclusive towards minorities and LGBT people
  • Image-based dating service that emphasizes fast contact making
  • A solid range of options for free users
  • Location-based service that puts you in contact with users nearby
  • There are fake accounts
  • The same users as on other dating sites

Explaining how does Tinder work

Without a doubt, Tinder is one of the most famous success stories in the mobile app market, as it quickly became nearly synonymous with online dating sites. The app is certainly famous, but that doesn’t mean the general public understands the essentials of Tinder. The basic idea is that people can browse through photos of users in their geographic area and indicate their interest (or lack of) by ‘swiping’ left or ‘swiping’ right. Whenever two people show interest in one another, there is a match and they can start communicating directly and decide whether they want to meet in real life. It’s that simple – your next hookup on Tinder could be just a swipe away

Breakdown of the membership structure

Tinder is extremely popular everywhere and counts between 50 and 60 million users from 190 countries. Those members are very active and account for more than a billion swipes every day. Since the app is available in many different languages, the membership is very diverse and includes men and women from all continents. However, since the app is location-based, the more important fact is how popular Tinder is in your current place of residence.

Simple signing up procedure

You can register on Tinder within minutes and start swiping to your heart’s delight. You can choose whether to sign up with your mobile number, Facebook profile, or e-mail, but you will need to undergo verification before your account becomes operational.

tinder sign up

Tips for making contact on Tinder

Before you can send messages to people on Tinder, you must first match with them. In this case, you don’t need a paid membership to strike up the conversation and continue messaging as much as you want, and you can do so with the full awareness that the interest is mutual. If there is no match, you will never be able to contact that person, so you should think twice whether to swipe left or right. However, if you don’t like the types of messages you are getting from someone, you can simply block them.

Profile quality examination

Tinder is all about speed and convenience, so the profiles lack the depth you can find on some dating sites. You can specify your profession and write a bit about yourself, but that’s all there is to find on a profile. This is less of a problem than you might think since you can ask all the questions directly to your matches. It is possible to upload several photos, so you can at least try to analyze them to gather some input about the person on the other side.

Summary of the most important tips for profile making

As we already pointed out, Tinder functions primarily on the visual level and many people decide how to swipe exclusively based on the photo. That’s why it’s smart to put your most representative, but a recent photo. You should also make sure to write something interesting in your bio, perhaps with a dose of humor. You have only a few seconds to make an impression on Tinder and your profile should reflect that.

Tinder mobile app review

Since Tinder is mostly used as a smartphone app, the mobile version is the primary one. The app can be picked up from Google Play or App Store, but unfortunately isn’t available for Windows Mobile. The layout is made for the mobile screens and the swiping motion makes no sense if you can’t do it with one finger. That’s why Tinder remains one of the top location-based dating apps in the industry.

tinder reviewtinder review2

Review by users tells it all

‘I heard about Tinder from friends and downloaded it just for fun, never thinking that it will help me meet some amazing people. Live and learn, I guess!’

‘My experience of Tinder was a bit rocky at first, as I couldn’t find a date I was looking for. Just one match was enough to change that.’

‘I go back to Tinder whenever I break up with my current boyfriend and it doesn’t take very long to find the next candidate, at least with my looks.’

Design and Usability

The interface is very clean with most of the space reserved for the photo, but there are several buttons you need to be familiar with to have a fulfilling experience. For example, you should be aware of the Super Like feature and be careful not to activate it accidentally – free users can send only one per day. Overall, the app has solid usability and doesn’t require full attention to operate, which is why you’ll see people swiping in literally every social situation.

Tinder provides the ability to quickly search for the necessary information, only high-quality content and a clear site structure. All of this is also available through mobile devices of any type, making it easier to use.

Costs and Prices

There are two different premium packages you can get on Tinder, and their cost depends on your age. For people under 28, Tinder Gold costs $14.99 for one month, but the price doubles for older members. Meanwhile, Tinder Plus is available for $9.99 for the younger group and $19.99 if you are over 28. All of those figures go down significantly if you purchase a 6 or 12-month membership.

Which special features are available?

There are quite a few advanced features that are exclusive to Tinder and can’t be found elsewhere. A good example is Tinder U, a special feature that lets users showcase their alma matter, or Super Boost, which puts the user on the top of the list of displayed profiles and greatly increases the possibility of a match. Another crucial feature available only to paid users is Rewind, which allows for a change of your initial swiping decision.

tinder features

Security and Privacy Concerns

Since people use their real names on Tinder and post some very personal details, there is a concern about privacy with this app. Another issue is the authenticity of the profiles you interact with, some of which might be fake. Because of this, it is recommended to be cautious about your online dating activities on Tinder and contact only verified or legitimate users.

What premium extra features you can get?

While the advantage that premium users enjoy over free riders is not as large on Tinder as on other dating sites, there are still many reasons to get an upgraded package. In addition to rewinding their swipes, users with a premium package can also browse without interruption by ads, send as many likes as they want, and interact with people in other parts of the world.

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What you need to know about cancellation?

If you decide to stop using Tinder, you can delete your profile at any time. The same is true for the premium membership packages, which can be canceled whenever you want – and you still get to use the remaining days you paid for.

How to avoid fake profiles and bots while swiping?

fake profilesDetecting fake profiles is crucial for successfully navigating the Tinder dating scene and having a great experience. The first place to look at is the photo – the profiles with generic visuals are suspect and you should probably avoid them. Having more photos and a reasonably sounding bio are good signs, while the presence of external links in the profile or too-good-to-be-true life stories is red flags.


Specific Tinder review for guys

According to all reviews, men have a much less welcoming experience on Tinder than women. It’s much harder to find a match, which is why men have more reasons to consider buying a premium package. Tinder’s algorithm is tilted towards paid members and for guys, it is extremely important to use every edge they can to find a date. Men should also be more dedicated to creating the best profile possible and choose their very sexiest and most impressive photos while adding a witty and humorous bio.

Lessons on how to pick up on Tinder

The most important lesson about dating on Tinder is that you have to be patient. The nature of the matching process is somewhat random, and it might take some time for the right person to come along. The same applies to communication with matches – you shouldn’t expect to get laid immediately and should be prepared to give the other person some space. On the other hand, you should be honest about your intentions and state your preferences right away. If you are not getting enough matches with the basic membership, you could consider switching to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, but you will have to use the extra features wisely to make it worthwhile.

Frequently Asking Questions

Does Tinder have global coverage?
Yes, this app is used all around the world and is available in dozens of languages.
What’s the minimum age for opening a Tinder account?
You have to be 18 to be allowed to open an account on Tinder
Is it possible to access Tinder from my PC?
Yes, it is. However, if you have a smartphone you might want to stick to the mobile app.
Are Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold the same thing?
Those packages are very similar, but Tinder Gold includes some additional perks.


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