The USA Cities with Lots More Women than Men


Whilst not every city in the USA can say they have more women than men populating the vicinity, Atlanta and New York City certainly can! There are an expected 200,000 additional lone women in New York than there are single men, making it a rewarding city for straight men to be located within. Similarly, Atlanta boasts a surplus of 95,000 lone women compared to men.

In this regard, the next best cities are Washington D.C and Philadelphia (63,000 and 60,000 more lone women than men, respectively). Although these locations have significantly more women than guys, this bucks the trend for the rest of the USA as most areas have an even split, or heavily in favor of single women!

Which Are the States with the Best Woman to Marry?

So, in what states have the best woman to marry? Well, based on statistics from the relationship experts New York and Atlanta came out on top as the winners. Women in these locations typically are the happiest in their current relationships and are least likely to cheat on their significant others, even in the midst of a relationship breakdown. Aside from this, both of these locations boast a good length work week, great overall credit scores, and a super low divorce rate. This longevity is what singles look for when deciding which suitors would be most suitable for marriage as being cheated on is painful indeed. So, it is best to search for a woman who won’t run for the hills when times inevitability gets tough.

Which States Have the Most Single Males?

In the list of states with the most lone males living within them, there were three clear winners when the data was brought together. The first and best place for lone women to find men in abundance is California. California sports a huge range of lone men looking for partners, and lots of entertainment facilities to bond with somebody new.
Secondly, the closest rival to California. Although New York already boasts a disproportionate number of single women and men, over 30% of all the men located here are single and ready to mingle, affording you plenty of options on the dating front!
In third came Florida, also showing a very high number of lone men residing within the state when compared to women looking for love. If you are looking to meet men in abundance, these are the places you should either visit or relocate to!

Best Cities to Meet Black Singles

black singleIn terms of the best cities to meet black singles, some stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Most notably, Chicago has one of the largest black communities of single adults in the USA, so, naturally, you can expect to meet a large number of African American singles for new dating opportunities. Black people in Chicago are direct and do not tiptoe when it comes to getting what they want. Expect black singles to be straight to the point and super confident in their approach, leading to a great dating environment.
In the second place, Washington D.C is also a leader when it comes to the best cities to meet black singles. Although the population count for the demographic is lower than in Chicago, there are still plenty of opportunities to meet African American singles.
Next up is Houston, Texas. Houston is a huge city spanning over 1,700km in all directions. Naturally, with such a huge area comes a large number of black singles. Across the USA, black singles have a harder time when it comes to how much they earn when contrasted against white singles, but with a 9% decrease in the cost of living in Houston, this is another great location to meet black partners.

Best Cities for African American Singles Looking to Meet Partners over 40

The best city of all for African American’s to meet partners over 40 years old is Memphis, Tennessee. Due to the huge number of black singles over 40 living in the area, you are spoilt for choice on who you get to know for dating. The population of blacks in the area makes up over 45% of the total population, with 600,000 blacks living in Memphis, 19% of these are over 40 looking to meet partners.
A close second for the crown of the USA’s best cities to meet African American singles is Atlanta, Georgia, with 550,000 black people currently residing in the city. Of these, around 80,000 are lone and over 40, hoping to find love, putting you in a great position to meet your favorite type of single with a visit or by finding a place to live in the city.

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